Research Topics and Format

This is a non-exhaustive list of topics covered by this workshop. Other topics of interest related to research and development of embedded vision systems are also welcome.

  • Architectures for image understanding, sound recognition, and other sensory modalities
  • Signal and image processing architectures
  • Configurable and FPGA-based perception architectures
  • Parallel architectures and algorithms for smart camera
  • Smart sensors and sensor fusion
  • VLSI perception systems
  • Embedded use of perception systems
  • Architectural performance evaluation
  • Distributed processing for perception systems
  • Languages, software environments and programming tools
  • Vision and multisensor perception
  • Architectures and protocols for camera networks
  • Embedded vision programming
  • Deep learning in embedded vision

As a Collaborative Workshop, WASC has the following properties:

  • WASC is an annual event,
  • Submissions are non-reviewed abstracts, no proceedings are edited,
  • WASC is a 2-day workshop, registration is free and limited to 40 people,
  • Talks are not limited in length; a talk ends when no more question is asked,
  • Presentations can include tutorials on tools,
  • One can present on-going work before results are obtained, as well as negative results,
  • Coffee breaks are as important as talks, they are long and attendees can set up demos and posters,
  • The first objective of WASC is idea sharing, consortia building, collaboration and networking.
  • WASC is linked to a journal special issue and participants are invited to submit to the special issue.